fly away

This album is a one-man instrumental work. There are nine songs and they're all very very different one from each other. I spent more than two years to realize the whole, starting about on October 2008 and completing it on December 2010. A massive amount of work for only one person if you consider I made myself every aspect... composing, recording, mixing, engineering, mastering, illustrating, publishing (and packaging for my best friends !!!). Of course, for the same reason, it's not perfect and you may find some limitation.

Fly Away is freely downloadable (totally free? Yes and the share page on top of the blog explains why) in very high quality MP3 320 kbps format and FLAC lossless format from my website even zipped with front-inside-back-cd hi-res covers.

Fly Away front cover

If you wanna listen to Fly Away's songs before the download, you can play/stream them on or use the audio player on the right column of this blog. My website allows the listening of all album's tracks while other audio players only some.

Fly Away back cover

I have to dedicate the album to my father Tullio, my godfather Enzo and my friend Marco, three people I've lost last years. I will ever miss them and their positive life-approach.

A very strange fact is the dragonfly front cover image is a photo shot I took in Egypt on august 2005. At that time I could not even imagine five years later I would have used it for my album together with the "Fly Away" title...