Somebody has told me "Why don't you sell your music ?" and/or "You should sell your music !" and I would try to explain you why not with a few words.

Music always been a great passion for me since I was a teen and today after so many years it still represents for me the same passion. And passions in my very personal thinkin' of life are the real richness of us, of human being. We all should share our passions with others to contribute in a positive manner to their lives and to make this world better. Yes, I know, it's probably a utopistic way to see the whole but I don't wanna change it.

When I look around, I see too many peoples living at the boundary of civilized society with no money and no goods... how could I ask money for my music ? No, thanx, I can't. And even those with money, they could give it to who doesn't have, not to me.

A thing I really appreciate is if you share my music with your friends and persons you know. That's all. How ? I will tell you now.

0. The Quickest Way

The simplest and smartest thing you can do to support me and share my music and contents is to log in your Facebook, Google or Twitter account and then, on my pages, click these special buttons

1. The Banner Method

If you have a website or post to some forum (that allows the use of static html) you could insert somewhere the code

that will produce the banner

2. The Multimedia Approach

The former method above is a valid one but it is a little static, on web funnier things are instead possible. If you use the code

you will get this amazing player with songs, videos, pictures and much more all-in-one solution

3. Audio Players

Another good choice is an audio player. Let's do it with some examples. SoundCloud is one of the best music portals and offers amazing audio players. The code

gives a very nice looking waveform audio player

Further, we have ReverbNation music players, and the code

will show a standard audio player

while the code

will render a tiny player optimized for a blog column

You can customize every aspect, from appearence to dimensions, of previous players going on my ReverbNation profile and choosing one of the widgets (music player) available there.

4. YouTube Video Embedding

For those of you preferring video rather than audio, YouTube always allowed users to incorporate its contents (every published video there gives you the code for embedding), for example the code

will display my attempt to perform A Night Away (a wonderful song by Pat Metheny)

5. Share, Share, Share

Generally, all social sites have buttons giving their users the ability to share almost every single piece of information. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Blogger and so on, all have a lot of sharing capabilities and you may find/use them with ease.

The choices are endless... please support me and my music the way you like :)