Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Welcome to frankygoes blog.

As you may already know (if not, see more sites page) I spread my music across many famous portals to reach the biggest number of users possible. This approach got me hundreds and even thousands visits and contacts - for example look at video counters on my YouTube channel or number of played songs on my SoundCloud profile.

Not enough for me/you? Hehe, maybe. Well, I decided to add this blog to my collection for two main reasons:

  • it's based on Blogger which is owned by Google and that means every people with already a Google account - GMail, YouTube, Picasa, GTalk and more - can follow and comment my posts immediately
  • it allows me easily to be more verbose than other systems, that means probably you'll find here much more written information about my musical activities than anywhere

Hope you may appreciate my work here... good reading !!!


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