Thursday, October 20, 2011

godin multiac acs sa

After too many months spent without playing (see broken hand post) last August I decided to add a new wonderful guitar, a Godin Multiac ACS SA, to my collection.

Here some photos that shows you the beauty of this instrument. Soon I'll publish more shots on

Godin Multiac ACS SA

ACS preamp and eq detail

me (serious ahahah !!!) and the ACS

Reasons that pushed me to got this specific guitar are various. The first is the incredible quality of Godin guitars (I've a fabulous Godin LGXT too) that leads to an amazing sound (listen to the audio demo below).

Another great reason is the fact this Multiac model mounts nylon strings and the neck is wider exactly like a spanish/flamenco classical guitar, but ACS is microphoned/preamped and almost similar to a solid body guitar, that means no feedback at very high volume levels and perfect studio recordings.

The last but not the least, the SA term means "synth access". In other words, the guitar has a 13-pin connector that linked to an exaphonic-to-midi converter - like the Roland GI-20 for example - will transform you into a midi guitarist !!!

Roland GI-20 GK-MIDI Interface

I recorded a 20 seconds demo to give you some hints about how the guitar performs, here a link to download the mp3 - demo Godin Multiac ACS SA (Guardian Angel).
What you ear is what you get from the instrument, the sound is not processed in any way. Please note the guitar was out of tune :) my fault.

Some week ago I restarted my composition and recordin' activity and soon I'll publish new songs...

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